Benjamin Phillips, as an artist deeply immersed in the contemporary urban landscape, engages in a unique form of urban archaeology through the incorporation of street posters and found fragments into his work. These elements, culled directly from the bustling streets of London, serve as artifacts that carry the imprints of the city's dynamic and ever-evolving cultural and social tapestry.

In the intricate layers of Phillips' compositions, the inclusion of street posters, flyers, and other urban ephemera functions akin to an archaeological dig within the city's bustling thoroughfares. Each piece becomes a tangible link to the daily life, events, and cultural expressions of a specific moment in time. The posters, often weathered and worn, bear the marks of exposure to the elements, offering a glimpse into the transitory nature of urban communication and expression.

This aspect of his artistic practice transforms the creative process into an exploration of the city's collective consciousness. The found fragments become like archaeological relics, preserving snippets of public dialogue, cultural happenings, and the visual language of the streets. By repurposing these fragments, Phillips not only breathes new life into discarded materials but also provides a means to decode the layers of urban history embedded within them.

Much like an urban archaeologist unearthing remnants of civilizations past, Phillips excavates and repurposes these fragments, elevating them from the transient nature of street life to enduring pieces of contemporary art. The juxtaposition of these elements in his work speaks to the complexity of the urban environment, acting as a visual commentary on the constant flux and transformation inherent in city living. Through this lens of urban archaeology, Phillips captures and encapsulates the essence of the city's vibrant, multifaceted identity in his compelling and thought-provoking compositions.

Benjamin Phillips lives and works in London, England and his work is exhibited and collected worldwide.


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